Don’t Let Fixed Ideas of the Past Hold You Back

Now is the time to be prepared to change past decisions in order to achieve your goal of advancing and conquering. When economic conditions change, all of your earlier considerations and actions need to change along with them. It’s not the time to hold on to any beliefs from the past that will keep you from moving forward.
So get real during economic contractions, and know that you will have to make adjustments in the way you think, the people with whom you’re willing to work and how you conduct business. You may not even be aware of some of the things that are holding you back—so you may have to do some digging.

This doesn’t mean you throw your standards out the window and work for anyone who calls you; you’re simply readjusting your acceptable criteria during this temporary lull in order to accommodate a wider range of prospects and projects.

These new considerations—and your willingness to work with a broader range of people—may cause you to find yourself opening up to opportunities you’ve never imagined before, expanding your power base, and finding sales and clients that you might have missed, denied, or overlooked during better times.

Let it go—forget yesterday and keep all your attention on what you’re going to do to create a new tomorrow!

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