Does Mingling Make You Uncomfortable?

The holiday season is a time for celebrations and social events and a perfect opportunity for you to get uncomfortable, flex your social muscle and rise to the challenge of meeting new people. Take advantage of it!

So many people get invited to events and ask who will be there that they may already know. The real opportunity here is to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone of familiar faces and conversations. When you’re in a social situation for every conversation you have with someone you know, have 3 conversations with someone you don’t.

When you enter a room and know no one, you may feel that little pang of discomfort. You may hit the bar or the restroom or look to your phone to keep you company. Work through it by introducing yourself to someone. “Hi, I’m Grant and you are?”

You don’t have to wait for invites to be social. Make it a point to introduce yourself to 5 new people per day. Say hi, tell them your name and shake their hand. It may be uncomfortable at first, which is great! This discomfort is telling you that you are on the right track.

So get out there and meet some people today. The possibilities are endless.

Be great!

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  • Jared

    Hi I’m Jared and then what? This doesn’t much help. We realize we need to meet new people, was expecting better advice beyond the name exchange.

  • Torrance Jacko Jr.

    Great stuff. I def have to grow my social muscle! Thanks

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