Do You Know The 10x Rule?

What you want — and far more — will come to you when the right amount of action is created! If you want one thing, take massive action equal to at least ten times what you think it will take to ensure that you attain that one thing. If you do that you won’t have to hope, wish, cross your fingers, or pray for what you want.
Whether cancelled appointments, a buyer backing out, a customer changing their order, and so on; the blame isn’t misfortune or bad luck — it is more often not having enough prospects in your pipeline. If you take ten times more action than what you’re doing, you would have no time to dwell on these so-called misfortunes and would actually welcome someone cancelling out, as it would be a relief rather than a misfortune.

If you take enough action and are getting results, then it’s no big deal when an appointment cancels or buyer backs out. In fact, you’ll welcome the occasional cancellation since it’ll increase your ability to get to everyone on your lineup.

Put your attention on massive to ensure that you don’t become passive. Most people don’t get enough in life only because the never do enough in life! By taking enough massive action, something will be changed, something will be created, and results will be attained.

When it comes to action, go big, go bold, and then go more!

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