Do What Others Say Is Impossible

Want to stay motivated? Set out to do what others say is impossible.

Look, there will always be naysayers. Let them talk. The more they tell you that you can’t, the more you need to say, “oh, yes, I will!” The greater the odds against something happening, the more obsessed you must become and the more rewarding it will be when you pull it off. Not to mention, your personal stock is going to go through the roof with any employer or client you are doing the impossible for!

Far too many people set their targets too low to begin with; or even worse, lower them when it seems unrealistic to reach them. Understand that “realistic” goals give you average results. When you aim higher and operate at a higher level, you start to see bigger action and greater results. You’ll even start to raise the bar because staying at the same level isn’t enough anymore. You need to challenge yourself to stay motivated.

Today I’m in Monterrey, Mexico preparing for a global launch, beginning with a Latin American partnership. Imagine if I listened to the people telling me, “Grant, you don’t even speak Spanish. What can you do in Latin America? The culture is so different.” Instead, I use their naysaying as an indication that I’m going in the right direction. My goal is to help as many people as possible and that means reaching out across the world! Success knows no boundaries.

Given the Thanksgiving holiday, this week will be short for many. What if the goal this week is to do more in less time? If you have to make 200 calls, make 400 calls. If your have 5 deals pending, lock them all down in 3 days. Imagine how great you’ll feel producing at a level that others said was impossible.

Remember, when other people tell you something is impossible what they really mean is that it is impossible… for them. Set big goals this week and see what you can do. As you surprise others, you may even surprise yourself.

Be great!

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