Do What Others Refuse to Do

You want to stay motivated? Do what others refuse to do. I want you to make a list of the things you see those people around you unwilling to do.
There’s an old adage. The adage is, I don’t know where it comes from- it must be a psychologist. The adage is: “Do the things you love and you will be successful.” I love all these little sweet things people put on the outside of a book. Do the things you love; if you love it and are passionate about it you will be successful. Look, this is complete garbage.

You’ve got to do the things you hate. You got to do the things nobody wants to do. You got to do the things people refuse to do. That’s where the opportunity is and you’re going to be motivated. Man, I’ll do anything. I’ll do it. And people are going to be like, “That guy will do anything, that guy does what everybody else won’t do!”

See? Be willing to get your hands dirty. Be willing to go places other people refuse to go. Do what others refuse to do and you will, you will be motivated, inspired, and other people will be intimidated.


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