Do So Much, You are Criticized for It

Do so much that people criticize you for how much you do. Now, this is different than what I told you earlier about getting attention – and when you get attention you’re going to get criticized.
I want you to start thinking about activity levels. How much you do. How many phone calls you make. How many emails or mail you send out, or visits, or whatever it is you do everyday that is pushing you toward whatever goal that you have. What I want you to do now in order to stay really, really motivated is, I want you to do so much, that people are starting to criticize you for the amount of work you do.

And look, it won’t take long. The society we live in today is so anti-work and anti-effort, that they are going to tell you, “Dude you need to chill, you’ve got to take it easy. Why are you doing so much? Life is to be enjoyed.”

This is what I want you to do. I want you to do so much that people don’t just criticize you for it (and they will), I want you to do more than that, so that you become the model for how much it takes. I write about this in THE 10X RULE. Everybody is underestimating both their potential, and the amount of effort to get where they want to get.

Look, do so much. Make so many contacts that people say, “Dude how do you do all this?” See? That’s way beyond criticism now. Now they are starting to admire you. Do so much that they criticize you, and then they admire you.

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