Disrupt The Status Quo Like Pokemon Go


Great salespeople want to disrupt the status quo of the industry they are in. They might even prove to be challenging for management. Look at some of the GREATS… Did Steve Jobs disrupt his industries? What about Thomas Edison, Elon Musk, Galileo, Mozart, and Henry Ford? These people disrupted their industries, people’s ways of thinking, and changed conditions. Sometimes on a global scale.

What is something you can do differently that would disrupt things? You want to have some new problems and get more customers in your store than you know how to deal with.

Disruption doesn’t come from being average because you can’t change the status quo while being normal—You just can’t. The only thing status quo does is hurt your business. You must change with the times. That means staying up to date on the latest technology. I’ll give you just one example. Some businesses are capitalizing on the new Pokemon Go app that has been everywhere in the news by becoming the highest grossing mobile game in history just a week after its release, overtaking Candy Crush. You don’t need to know all the details of the game, just know this—you can make money from disrupting a marketplace.

The app allows users to hunt for digital Pokemon by walking around in the real world—known as augmented reality. This is how you disrupt a marketplace. You don’t even need to know what augmented reality is to play the game. Easy access, mass appeal, easy purchase—closing the deal takes a couple clicks. And real locations are a part of the game which is causing other companies to get in on the deal, making the game go wide.

Imagine you are a Pizza place—you can set up on the app a “Lure Module” where users will flock to capture more Pokemon. It will bring massive traffic. For brick and mortar retail, foot traffic is the name of the game. Once you have users coming, you can offer discounts or get creative on how to sell them. Even if you think Pokemon is stupid, you can create goodwill by participating in the fun and make money for yourself.

You see, this is the kind of think you need when you want to disrupt your marketplace. You want new problems? Get creative and use technology to create traffic. Being passive will only make you more broke. Here are the daily stat estimates for Pokemon Go one week after release.


Be a great salesman and disrupt your industry. Get creative and do things others either don’t think of or will think stupid. Being normal will get you nowhere. Try new things, and if they don’t work out, what’s the worst that can happen?

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