Defeat the Status Quo

Top 50 Traits of Great Sales People #27: Being the #1 sales guy isn’t good enough
Great sales people are not just interested in being #1 sales guy. They are interested in disrupting the status quo in their industry.

Being the #1 sales guy in your company is great. It’s a wonderful feeling that you’re at the top. But people at the top have no where to go but down. You may stay up there for a bit, but somehow someone else will come up from below you to topple you over.

What it really takes.

What it takes to remain at the very top is to disrupt the status quo of your entire industry.  Simply playing the game as it exists now- the same game everyone else is playing- will mean that eventually you will lose.

Michael Jordan is regarded as one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) player in the history of the NBA. He was so good that people who have no interest in basketball know his name.

When Michael Jordan came into the league he played the game, but eventually he changed the game. He took basketball to completely new heights. His prowess on the court and his business sense off the court set a precedent for so many players. Would Lebron or Kobe have their own shoe lines if Jordan didn’t have Air Jordans? Would the Slam Dunk competition be such a display of creative athleticism had Jordan not come around?

Because of this Jordan wasn’t just the number one guy for so long, he was the absolute greatest. Changing the game made him the greatest.
If you strive to be merely the #1 guy, you are playing other people’s game. If you work to disrupt the status quo and play your own game, you will be so dominant that people won’t be trying to knock you out of the #1 spot, they will be working to gain your admiration and learn form you. They will pay you to be like you.

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this below. Share this with people you know and make sure they understand that being the best isn’t nearly good enough, you have to disrupt the entire status quo.

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