Criticism = Success

Have you ever been criticized? If you answered, “Yes” – this is a good thing!
When you start taking enough action it won’t be long before you’re judged by people who aren’t taking enough, if any, at all. If you’re generating enough success, people will start to pay attention to you. Some will admire you, some will want to learn from you, but unfortunately, most will envy you.

The moment the naysayers realize and acknowledge that your presence is unwavering—and that your success is something to imitate rather than judge— they eventually will give up and find another target to aim their negativity towards.

From what I’ve learned criticism precedes admiration and undoubtedly goes hand in hand with success. This is to be expected and anticipated. Just know that criticism is a sure sign that you’re on the right path in order to succeed.

The only way to handle criticism is to foresee it as an element of your success formula and push toward it. Actually go out and try to get some haters!

Remember: Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.

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