Create a Life Together, Not Just a Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day only happens once a year

In this article, you’ll learn: How to better your relationship.


It’s Valentine’s Day today but that means nothing to me and my marriage. I’ve been married almost 14 years and I’m all-in on monogamy—and I’m all out on Valentine’s Day. Instead of giving your spouse a heart-shaped chocolate today, if you want to really improve your marriage, do what I’m going to tell you below and the sparks will really start to fly.

The Ugly Truth

If you don’t do this one thing, your marriage will lack direction and you will constantly be butting heads against one another, eventually becoming so frustrated you’ll want to chop your spouse’s head off.

What is that one thing you need to make your marriage succeed? 

Identify your roles if you haven’t already.

If you’re single or dating, the best advice I can give you this Valentine’s Day is to identify your roles in the relationship before you say “I do”. My wife Elena and I both know the importance of different roles each person plays in our family, our business, and our life. Communication is key and identification of each person’s role leads to better relationships and less confusion in life and in business.

Once each person has identified their particular role, it is important that the other person gives them complete and executive control of that position. If these roles are not made clear confusion, arguments and discontent are sure to arise. You have to own the role that you are in and run it to your maximum potential.

When this happens, watch your personal relationships, business relationships, and life itself grow and improve. Here are 4 simple steps you can take today to do this:

Step 1: Identify Your Role

In business, if I—or my employees—did not know their role could you imagine what would happen? Why would it be any different in a family unit? Running a business is akin to running a family. To be successful, it needs to be organized and to be organized means roles are clearly defined.

Step 2: Own Your Role

What is worse than one bad leader? Two good ones. Who is the Boss at your house? If you don’t know who the boss is that is why you have problems. If you are arguing about who is the boss then you don’t know who is the boss. If you came to an agreement that one of you would be the one in charge of keeping the house in order, cleaned, and food prepared at certain times, then let that person fulfill that role and be in charge of that sphere.

Step 3: Run it to Your Fullest Potential

No role is insignificant, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a role for it. Whatever it is that you contribute to a business, to a marriage—do it to your full potential and be great at it. If you are fantastic in fulfilling your role within the marriage you will contribute to a successful marriage.

Step 4: Empower the Other Person

You want your partner to grow and develop in their role. Beware of complaining or bringing a negative attitude in your role or in talking about your spouse’s role. Work to build up your spouse in their role as any good teammate does. In our approach to marriage, rather than being overly critical we try to change the focus inward. By changing the focus inward, we look at three principles that help us continue to grow and develop together:

  1. Focus on your own faults first.
  2. Take inventory of yourself.
  3. Bring more than you take.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a great marriage. If you are dating or engaged, figure out your roles before you say “I do”—it will make things much easier.

If you do want to make this a Valentine’s Day to remember, get yourself—and your spouse—the Official Recording of 10XGrowthCon 3. It will allow you and your spouse to learn and grow together as a couple!

Be Great,


Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the #1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. His 5 privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017”. Grant’s straight-shooting viewpoints on the economy, the middle class, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider,, and the Huffington Post. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters.

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  • Sharayah walker

    Thank u for sharing Grant!!!

  • Dallal Dwaydar

    A real man, a real woman, a real family! God bless the Cardones!

  • Robert Bourne

    True Advice To Live By….

  • Dean Hart

    … and a shout-out to MY beautiful lady, Tamra K #34years #meant2be

  • Marv Hershberger

    Hey Grant great advice , I love your dedication to family and desire to help people succeed , I love your passion for life in all that you do for all you do yo do 10× .

  • Joel”GONZO”Gonzalez

    Great advice Grant. Me and my wife have chosen to empower each other and the results have been amazing. Defining your roles is a HUGE Step. POWER COUPLES are doing this Daily! That’s the difference from 1-2 years vs 30 yrs and counting! Stay focused , committed and passionate the payoff is HUGE!!!!

  • Mary

    Very refreshing advice
    Thank you for sharing some thing that’s real but not easy to put in words let alone comunícate and live by every day
    It takes comitment to demonstrate such love
    Agree one day a year can not fulfill all that
    Every day of the year is the answer

  • John Kavoi (John B. Daniels)

    I appreciate your Critical Advise Grant. This is true love. True love does not look at the partners weakness but always sees the positive part of a person. In a Flowery, Homely Environment; Virtues under Laughter are the harvested efforts of a clean Heart and Happiness, for it soothes and shields the emotions. In true love the hearts are mutually attracted but not physical attractions.

  • Christine Amani

    Wise words right there…Uncle G any Day!


    Great insights on empowering one another and recognizing our God designed roles. God created and “it was good” After He SHAPED Adam of the DUST then said, “it is not good” for the man to be alone.

    He took the rib, the FLESH of man and FASHIONED Eve. The Woman is twice refined. The woman completes the man. There is diversity in their unity.

    Together as one they are unstoppable and live an exceedlingly abundantly above all lifestyle.

    Be EAAA.

    Coy Huffman

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