Competition Is for Sissies


People say competition is good. That is either a flat out lie or just dumb. Competition is for sissies. The goal is ultimately to dominate.

People make the mistake of getting too caught up in competing with the wrong players. They are too busy looking at the person at the desk beside them instead of the top three players in the industry. Look, when you are competing just to compete you are putting yourself in the same category as the other competitors. You are too focused on what others are doing and end up doing the same thing the same way.


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  • Grant Cardone says:

    Awesome man!

  • Grant Cardone says:

    You got it Evan!

  • Kshitij Sharma says:

    great inspiration…thanx man…wl b up fr it..whatever it takes

  • Rocky says:

    You always want to surround yourself with people that create competition, because if you never bring in a challenger, you will never reach your full potential. Look at top athletes, the faster the field is… the faster the winner finishes! ALWAYS!!! Being a top sprinter growing up, I know that no matter how fast the best is, and how dominate he/she is, he/she always perform better when those around him perform better. Setting out to only be competitive IS a waste if the goal is not to completely dominate your competitors. I always set out to be the best, no exceptions… but without a competitive opponent your best could always be better. The best always put on their best against the best! ie: Seahawks vs Broncos Superbowl… Best offense vs Best defense.

  • Sean Gallagher says:

    I’m Sean Gallagher and I will be known for being the fastest marathon
    runner and the greatest Internet entrepreneur ever! There I said it!
    Now it’s time to do numbers 2-5.

  • SaSsid says:

    In a sea plenty of fish you have to be a shark! Once again my man Grant breaks through with some words of wisdom and motivation, I love it!!! Added to the reading list+

  • Rocky says:

    Webster defines COMPETITION as : rivalry for supremacy, a prize, etc

  • Andrew Sheda says:

    This is HUGE! You have to dominate in life BOTTOM LINE!! When you say your the best you will have hatters and that’s the best part! Have fun and enjoy the hunt!!

  • Evan Jensen says:

    Thanks for sharing this wisdom, Grant. It is a great reminder of what it takes to be great. It is so easy to get bogged down in the mediocrity of the masses and not reach the true potential of who I am destined to be. It takes great commitment and hard work to become a master. So the question arises, Do I want to be remembered as good or do I want to leave a legacy of greatness? If I want to be great, I must choose to do “Whatever it takes” to serve those who look to me for help in their hour of need.

  • Steve McDonald says:

    As always Grant, great material and content. I have been in the automotive business for 28 years and still continue to grow with knowledge and innovations. We are dominating with 613 units last month in little bitty Paris, Ky. just outside of Lexington. We all have to continue to grow by staying green so as to not get ripe and rot. Whatever it takes Baby!!!

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