Communicate to Close

TOP 50 Traits of Great Salespeople: Installment 10

24. GREAT Salespeople are excellent communicators and are able to focus their communication on getting a deal closed.

Today’s society relies heavily on INSTANT communication.
I am constantly on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and on the phone talking to people. We accept instant communication from people that helps expedite our business dealings.  Likewise, your customer appreciates instantaneous, concise, informative communication.
People are so used to clear and instant communication that one of the biggest frustrations I hear about from buyers is when they feel the sales person isn’t being clear and honest. That will never result in a sale. Be clear, concise, comprehensible and amiable.

Communication is two-way.
You have to ask good questions in order to figure out exactly what your customer needs. You must listen intently and ask follow-up questions to get the information you need to meet the customer’s specifications. A buyer will immediately become suspicious if you try to gloss over something, stumble on words, or just don’t speak confidently. When I first started, I practiced my sales pitch over and over out loud so that the words I spoke became natural and clear. I have everyone on my sales training workshops practice the closes out loud because I need them to say those phrases confidently and clearly.

It’s no coincidence that some of our greatest salesmen are also very clear communicators. John F Kennedy is, in my mind, one of the absolute best salesmen there ever was. He sold us on making it a priority for this country to go to the moon. He did this by such absolute clear communication that to this day we all know the news clip of his speech telling us of the lofty goal. We knew exactly what the goal was and why it was important.

Your customer wants you, scratch that, NEEDS you to communicate clearly with them.  If you can’t communicate clearly with someone they will immediately think that you have something to hide.  Communicating clearly allows you to build trust with the buyer and that is one of the most important aspects of any sale.

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