Commit First, Show Up, and Then Figure it Out

There have been many instances in my life where I’ve had an opportunity, and before learning all the details about it, I committed to doing it.
I may not have known everything, I may have even been in over my head, but the truth is that this one rule has been responsible for much of my success.

I was recently approached about doing an interview. Before I ever found out what the topics would be on, I committed to doing the interview. I then found out that the topics weren’t in my immediate knowledge base, but I had committed and I was not going to back down from a commitment. I researched and read like crazy, figured out what I wanted to say, showed up, and gave one of my best interviews ever.

Now that interview has opened up a huge amount of new possibilities for the future. Had I waivered in my commitment, or not shown up, those possibilities would have never even been thought about.

1. Commit to every opportunity you are given.
2. Then show up and figure it out.

You’ll quickly begin to see the majority of people who complain about things being bad never show up. If you are one of the few who do show up, you will meet and work with the other small group of people in this world who also commit and make great things happen.

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