Collect More Money, Don’t Make It!

Money is not scarce and you don’t need to make it! There are no shortages of money only a shortage of people that have it. A trillion dollar destruction or creation of wealth can happen on Wall Street in an hour and not affect you one way or the other.
The main reason people have shortages of money is because of their belief in the scarcity of money. You were taught; “don’t waste”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “watch your pennies”, “money won’t make you happy”, and on and on. These are all sayings by others that probably had trouble with money themselves and perpetuate a sense of shortage and difficulty around the topic money.

Add to that the idea that your parents, mentors, employers and teachers stressing, “You need to go out into the world and make your money.” Even this is a false.

Money is printed, stored in massive warehouses and distributed into the economy when necessary. Anytime there is a shortage, more is printed. Money is created no different than the printing of legal pads, post-its, or even toilet paper. You would never say, “oh I have to go make some legal pads.”

Money is to be collected, invested and used! Use the legal pad or it has no value.

Save the toilet paper, and it won’t fulfill its useful purpose. The same with money, understand you don’t make it, go out and collect it, then use it to position yourself to grow your ideas and dreams and advance the goals of your family or company.

Quit worrying about money, quit thinking in shortages, and start thinking in terms of abundance. Don’t worry about making it. That’s not your job! Your job, if you would like to control more money, is to go out into the world and get into the flow of it. The bigger the flow you get into and the smarter and more creative you are, the better your chances of succeeding with money.

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