Close More Sales With Just One Word

There are only three and a half months left this year and I hope you’re so far over your goals the rest of the year is just icing on the cake. If you aren’t, you need to learn that there is a very simple one-word question missed by almost all salespeople: “Why?” This simple step will magically cause you to be even better prepared for each sales cycle you go through and close more deals. The “why” will identify your prospective customer’s “dominant buying motives”. Once you know that, you will almost always make the sale—if you know the right closes. People buy things for one reason only: to solve a problem. This is true even when people make emotional or impulse purchases. When you buy flowers or jewelry for your wife, you do so to solve some problem. “No,” you say, “I love my wife, and that is why I bought her a dozen roses.” Look a little deeper, and I assure you there is some problem you are trying to solve. That’s why people say: “A happy wife is a happy life!” You must figure out the problem your customer or prospect is trying to solve, and not only will you make the sale you will make it quicker and more profitable. The “why” is the fuel for every sale and it comes out from the customer as the thing I call their “dominant buying motives.” Know the motivation, know the close, and close the sale. If you don’t know 50+ different closes you need to check out my webcast Secrets to Closing the Sale; you will learn how to become a master closer. Just like with the guy buying roses, sometimes even your customers don’t know or are not clear on their buying motives. It is your job to clarify this. Get them to answer the “why” and it will crystalize the reason they are doing business with you. Here are some specific questions that can help you get to the “why” of a customer’s potential purchase: • Why are you here today? • Why do you have interest in this product? • Why is that important to you? • Why did you agree to see me? • Why did you decide to do this now? • Why would you make this kind of investment? Look at the kid who borrows money from the government to go to school. The obvious reason is to get an education, but behind the obvious you will find the real why. He wants to rise out of the social class he’s in, he doesn’t want to stay in the country he is in, he found his purpose and wants to change the world, and on and on and on. Once, I was working with a high-end watch store. A customer rushed in at lunchtime asking for an exact watch. He had a Type-A personality and knew exactly what he wanted. When we put it on his wrist and shared the price of $57k he looked at it in admiration and asked what kind of price he could negotiate. Before the salesperson gave away the boutique’s profits, I jumped in. I asked, “Why did you come here today?” He said he wanted to see if we had this exact watch, so I pressed further. “Why did you stop here today?” He didn’t know what I meant and asked, “Do you not want me here?” The Close I replied, “Of course we do. We appreciate you stopping by, love the fact that you know what you want and have such a great taste in timepieces. I’m just wondering why you decided to stop by today, not yesterday or last week or tomorrow.” I knew digging a little deeper would get to the real “why” and his dominant buying motives. He said, “Well, this weekend I am going to my best friend’s wedding in Santa Barbara and I’d love to have a new piece to wear.” BOOM. There’s the real reason why, the real motive, and the $57,000 reason for my final question, which was: “Would that be Amex or Visa?” He immediately bought the watch and never brought up a discount again. A serious buyer out to purchase a $57,000 watch doesn’t really need to negotiate. There are other things they value more from the purchase—accomplishment, goals achieved, recognition, time saved. Once I showed him that we were both clear on why he wanted to make the purchase, it was made without hesitation. I could have used the “When Value Exceeds Price” or the “Make the Right Decision” close as well—I closed the deal because I found the dominant buying motive and had more closes than the buyer had objections. Check out Secrets to Closing the Sale, sign up today before the price goes up, and learn how to close anyone, anytime, in any situation. Be great, Grant Cardone

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