Challenge Your True Potential

TOP 50 Traits of Great Salespeople: Installment 12

26. GREAT Salespeople challenge themselves constantly and are not satisfied only with awards and paychecks because they correctly estimate their true potential.

Keep the future in focus.
A great salesperson looks beyond what they are getting now and focuses on what they can earn in the future. Wherever you are in your company’s heirarchy, the bottom, the middle of the pack, or even the top dog, you need to look beyond and know what your true potential is.

Your true potential is defined by goals.
Your goals should be so massive that they scare you until you start to work towards them. Remember, everything is deemed “impossible” until someone proves it’s not.

Work hard, it’ll pay off.
Think about so many CEOs that are running billion dollar companies and are college drop outs. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are two great examples. Most people go to college for the degree. These two went to college with a goal. When they found out that they couldn’t achieve their goals, they didn’t just settle for a degree, they went after their true potential. Both of them dropped out and founded their respective companies. Both of which are now worth billions. What would have they become if they decided that all they wanted was just a degree to put on their wall?

Become someone that others look to for inspiration. Work toward your true potential!

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    Use correct grammar though a lot of the portable planet doesn’t focus on it. Making use of abbreviations and internet communicate like “LMAO” is simply not how you would like to conduct organization. Become the consummate expert in this article and constantly work on using very good sentence structure instead of slang or acronyms within your information.

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