Can I Say Something to You?

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I am writing you to THANK YOU for your support this year and wish you an incredible 2013. You are getting this email because you are a friend, a customer or someone that inspired me this year or possibly all three.

You may have contributed to the over one-million views of video content residing at Cardone On-Demand, our online lead conversion tool and sales training university or quite possibly you sat in one of the 25 sales seminars I held this year. Maybe you engaged me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or read my articles on or Business Insider or listened to my radio show, Cardone Zone.

Regardless of the how you and I know one another, I want you to know that if it weren’t for people like YOU, I wouldn’t have a purpose for doing what I do or be able to fulfill the goals of my life.

My purpose in life is to help others improve their lives in how they conduct themselves in business and in life. When I was only ten years old I wanted to be in a position to help others. My father had just died and I was in desperate need of a mentor I could look up to for guidance in my life. I made a decision at that time that I one day I would be in a position to help others.

None of this is to presume that I have helped you but I wanted to take a moment to tell you that YOU have made a difference in my life whether you know it or not. I cannot fulfill my purpose and goals in life without people like YOU. I appreciate all YOU do for me, my business and my basic purpose in life.

It is my wish that all your goals and dreams, and your family’s goals and dreams are realized this year. You deserve it ALL.

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