Can a Workshop Really Motivate You?

Go to workshops to learn and connect with other people.
Just like reading books, just like reaching up, just like surrounding yourself with positive people, just like getting in a mastermind group, all of these connections with positive and productive people can motivate you. Look, leave your city, your town, and your village and extrovert beyond your community and go to another state, get on a plane, go to a workshop where you can learn and connect.

You know that vacation that you need and I said “Hey, if you’re going to do it exhaust it?” Well, while you’re on that vacation why don’t you set up a couple workshops to go to so you can write off the trip?

That’s what I am telling you here. Look, stay motivated! Even on your time off. Figure out how can you mix the two up so you are jacked up and excited.

It was said that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft read 13 or 14 books on a 3-week vacation with his wife and somebody said, “Oh, poor Melinda.” She’s probably the one saying, “Read boy read!”

So when you’re out of town or somewhere in your calendar 3 to 4 times a year go to a workshop not just to learn but also to connect with other people that are doing the same thing.


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