Break Free from Your Failures

Have you ever made a mistake and then replayed what happened over and over in your mind? You try to move on but find yourself going back to that event or conversation as if thinking about it could somehow undo it.

We’ve all done this. There is a way to stop dwelling on your failures… write down your successes.

Don’t just think about your successes. Actually get them down on paper. That process is powerful. See your successes right there in front of you. This will show you all the things you did right. How did these successes impact you, your family, friends or your co-workers? Now go over what steps you took to pull those off. Where else can you apply that level of action to create even more success?

Successful people live in the present as they think about and work towards the future. Replaying negative conversations and events in our minds takes energy and effort away from our production and forward momentum. When you find yourself going down that failure-focused thought path, stop yourself and replace it with all your successes.

The more we set out to achieve, the more we accomplish, the higher our standards become and the harder we are on ourselves. While it’s good to take an honest look and not make excuses for ourselves, we can’t waste time obsessing over failures. If you’re going to obsess over anything, let it be the great future you envision for yourself. Get obsessed with success!

Kick off this week by writing down your successes and watch how more successes come your way.

Be great!

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