Gary Thomas, won $500 on Facebook live

October 25, 2017

What's Up Cardone Family!!! It isn't hard to say how you've helped me. While back (about 5 years now) I was dealing with a serious drug issue and everything that came along with it, the "friends" the trouble and of course the ankle bracelets, probation officers and jail time (all came together in one swift shot💥) so needless to say I wasn't doing the right things. Once you come off something like that the only way to get right (for me anyway) is to cut everything off (drugs, friends, lifestyle, the whole 9yrds) and try to just hit 1 thing right at a time, day by day. For anyone who's gone through this you know it's all about people, places and things. Jail was a huge blessing for me, allowing me to remove myself from all 3 at once. 1 Year later I got a chance to get out and get back on track... I definitely didn't get it right immediately (no more legal issues, just took a few years to really be comfortable saying I was going to be ok). When you find yourself back at square 1, trying to stay away from old people places and things's hard to know what the hell to do, hard to motivate yourself everyday and not feel like it's just some bs because everyone knows your history, how can you be on social media trying to hype yourself up when everything out there is the opposite of who you once were? but having someone (@grantcardone) pound those messages in your head everyday, none of that shit mattered, you didn't feel alone or like the things you were saying or feeling were wrong.. how could they be? you're the walking talking proof! So how have you helped me ? Watching you guys (@elenacardone) everyday doing the right things, working, family 1st, no scams no bs reminding me what true "cool" looks like again.. that's what's up for me man, I thank you and I'm damn sure my family would thank you as well 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 and what would i do ?!Money would go right to a house for my daughter and i🏠👨‍👧#10x #realdeal #1m!? #28k!? Grant gone crazy !

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