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How to Avoid Every Entrepreneur’s Worst Enemy

August 27, 2013

How to Avoid Every Entrepreneur’s Worst Enemy

Being an entrepreneur is exciting and the possibilities are endless. One aspect of running a business that I get asked about a lot is burnout and how to avoid it. My reply is fast and simple: “I don’t believe in burnout.”

I know if you are experiencing the exhaustion that’s often associated with burnout, this seems impossible. But take a step back and try to remember when you were on fire as an entrepreneur. You were goal driven, possibilities were enormous and you were on a mission. It is when the mission is missing that a person starts to feel tapped-out. When your goals aren’t big enough and you are no longer sold on your own vision, the symptoms of losing interest — what many call “burnout” — are experienced. Anytime you stop reaching for massive success and start settling, you will have problems.

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