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Your biggest mistake is to think becoming a millionaire is impossible. People simply don’t think it can happen. So the first thing you have to do is decide to become a millionaire, multimillionaire, or billionaire if you want. You have to decide and then you must reinforce that decision, over and over. Put a stake in the ground right now: “I am going to become very, very rich.” I will not judge you negatively for making this decision. When you tell someone who has created wealth that you want to get rich, they will not frown or judge you negatively—they will pat you on the back and say something like, “Great, you can do it and, by the way, you should!”

“Put a stake in the ground right now: “I am going to become very, very rich.”

Those who have created wealth understand that creating financial freedom is a worthy adventure. Is it possible for anyone? Remember, more than 80 percent of all millionaires today are self-made, what’s called “first generational,” meaning they created their millions without inheriting the money. Now, before that little automatic voice in your head says for the millionth time, “I don’t want to be rich,” or, “I just want enough to be happy,” you should understand two points: 1) Getting rich isn’t just about you, and 2) Limiting yourself financially invalidates your abilities. Most of us are convinced to settle for basic necessities: clothes, a house, transportation, time off, maybe an upper-management position, and some money in the bank. This is called the middle-class. The middle-class is for those who settle for just enough rather than striving for prosperity. The middle-class life is a compromise and it’s selfish. When you compromise your finances, you become unable to help others because you are struggling to simply take care of yourself. The other part of this is the constant invalidation of you! You are capable of way more than you know, so why set reasonable financial goals? For my entire life, I have had this constant gnawing in me that knows I can do more, achieve more, create more, give more, and help more. And I am most unhappy when I give up on that gnawing idea and most happy when I am pursuing it.

“Settling for a middle-class life is a compromise and it’s selfish.”

But enough of the esoteric and back to the material world. You can earn $80,000 a year or $400,000 a year and still struggle, depending on where you live and your responsibility level. Just because someone makes more money than a person born in some starving village in a third-world country doesn’t mean they are much better off. The argument is, “You have a cellphone, internet access, running water, and electricity—be grateful.” That’s code for, “make sense of your situation.” But not having enough money doesn’t make sense. A man once told me, “How do you make sense of insanity? The answer is, you don’t!” And not having enough money is insane. The idea that someone would only need enough to be “comfortable” or “adequately satisfied” or “have more than others” as a way to justify his or her condition is ridiculous. The middle class is billions of people convinced by politicians and media to turn your money over to those smarter than them, settle down in a nice house (reducing your ability to move for the next thirty years), and be a civil, law-abiding taxpayer who is grateful how much better off you have it than those who have less.

“Not having enough money is insane.”

Make a decision right now to become a millionaire and debunk all the ideas that idolize the mythology of the middle class. The temporary comfort provided by the house, nice school, a couple of BMWs, a 401k, and two weeks off is nothing compared to creating massive wealth. The first step to becoming a millionaire is to make a decision and that requires you lose your middle-class mind and then get your millionaire mindset. You must lose your small, defensive, take-no-risk thinking. It has never been easier to get rich, but it is still impossible if you don’t change your mind. There is so much money in the world today and so many ways to create wealth, but it will not happen if you settle. Many will disagree with me on this, but I believe millionaire is today’s new middle class. In fact, many millionaires still find themselves struggling. If you want to get really rich, you will need 10X or 20X or even 100X of a million dollars. Use my 10X Planner and start affirming your multimillionaire status every morning, every night, and anytime you have a setback. Make the decision right now: “I am going to be very, very, very rich and I am going to help a lot of people in the process.” You don’t need to trust yourself at this point—simply put your trust in someone who has done it. When I first started studying wealthy people, I put my trust in them because I could not yet trust myself. Trust me to take you to your first million—get your Playbook to Millions today. If I did it, you can too. Be great, GC Playbook to Millions by Grant Cardone

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November 01, 2016

Great post Grant, I first found you two years ago and you really given me a new outlook on personal finance.i have two blogs on personal finances, one in Norwegian and one in English. I would really appreciate if you could check the English one out; i think you would like it :)


Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd

November 01, 2016

Pure Gold coming out of Mr. Cardone. I have read, listened, and spent hours upon hours using the various self development material I have procured over the years.

I didn’t know that it was even possible to create material of this magnitude of quality.

No bullshit, this is a one stop shop of pure dominance.

Grant, thank you for your relentless pursuit towards making the world a better place.

Some might think my comment is an exaggeration, but you have to ask yourself this:

How much of what I have said do you believe? 50%, 75%, 100%?

Once you’ve found your answer to the above question:

Ask yourself (try not to take my word, and just watch one of his free videos).

Naturally, while your reading my words, you might ask yourself:

What if only half of what I am saying is true?

Then would it be worth it to watch at least one of his free videos?


I wish He would have started to get himself out on the internet 10 years ago because I would already be a millionaire many times over and would have had a lot less stress and pure FUN much earlier.

Andrew Todd
Owner/ CEO
Eagle Lake Energy Efficiency

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