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Your Best Closing Tool

October 12, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, people are still spending money. But they are being more careful about what and where they buy. What do you do when the guy down the street is selling the same product or service as you at a lower price? You have to sell the customer on you, your company, and your service! Sure you can buy a designer watch for 40% off online, but what happens when it breaks? Is there someone you can call? Is there a store you can go to get it fixed? Do you have to send it back to the online company? How long is it going to take to get it back? How many questions are you going to have to ask? Who do you even ask? One of the biggest mistakes that people are making in this economy is that they aren't selling themselves, their service, and their company. They think the customer will either buy the product or not. This is never the case in a contraction like the one we're facing. Make sure they understand that they're not just buying the product - they're buying unparalleled service and a piece of mind that only you can offer. If you convince them of that, I guarantee they'll spend their money with you.

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