Want a Raise?

June 27, 2013

No matter your position you should be thinking everyday, "How can I get a raise?"

Even if you are the CEO, think about how to get a raise. This advice is for everyone, workers, contractors, sales people, executives, receptionist - everyone = even YOU. You should be looking for every way possible to increase your income. Say this to yourself "I want more money, I can not lie!" Say it now! "I want more money I can not lie." Look If you don't take this position and think about it everyday you will miss money that you deserve. Life is not fair - you will not get what you deserve! Change your mindset about money, about what you are worth and then go out where money lives and get your raise. When I was first starting my career, I was hungry and everyday I looked for a way to give myself a raise. 30 years later with a little paper put away, I am even hungrier. The rich get richer because they are always looking for a way to give themselves a raise. A mentor once told me, "more is only frowned on by those who find out that they don't have enough when it’s too late!" Did you know that 7 out of 10 of the most popular occupations in the United States pay less than $30,000 per year? If you want more, you have put yourself in environments where there is money and the potential to get a raise. Then you have to know how to ask for it, and then know how to ask for it repeatedly. Then you will have to know how to make sense of it. You can't just wish for a raise or more money. You have to KNOW how to go get it. If you are the CEO then you need to create an environment of hungry people that all want MORE! Then surround yourself with like minded hungry people that are looking for raises. 5 Steps to Getting a Raise:
  1. Say to yourself, 'I want more money I cannot lie'. Don't believe any of this stuff about money making people bad. Bad people are bad people whether they have money or not and money can't make a good person bad. You need money. You deserve more money but first you have to get your head right about money.
  2. Be in an environment where there is more money. Here’s a hint. There’s no money at your house. Neither money nor success will find you at home. You must go where the money is. Money is probably not at your desk either or in your office. Go and be with the people that have money!
  3. Find out what the person in front of you wants. Take the time to determine what you would have to do to get your raise. Once you satisfy what people want, they will give you the money you want and deserve. In my book, Sell or Be Sold, I talk about the importance of identifying people needs and offer that one shortcut question that will cut your sales cycle down by 50% and improve your closing ratio.
  4. Get them what they want and earn your raise. This is where you need to know what product or service solves the customer's problems and must be completely sold that it will do so. You cannot have reservations or doubts. That is why we call it Sell or Be Sold.
  5. Keep asking until you get it.
So now it’s your time. Every day is your time to get your raise. For those who may be satisfied or have people working for them who seem satisfied, you either need to wake up or wake them up. Most people are not making near what they are worth or even close. Push yourself to be great. You need a raise! There is plenty of money out there. Now get your head right and your skills right and go get what you deserve and need! "I want more money I cannot lie!"

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