Top 3 Ways to Expand Your Career

October 06, 2011

Recessions are a lot of things - to most, they are unexpected, annoying, and last longer than you want. They cause the economy to shrink and make it harder for people to do business. What we’re currently experiencing is no different. People are reacting to economic contraction with more contraction. While it may be a normal response to shrink at this time, it only guarantees that your career and your business will be smaller when it’s over. Here are three steps to keep you and your company growing: 1. Focus on the Solution Instead of the Problems - The problems are the opportunities. Instead of shying away from problems, you should take the time to identify them, solve them, and learn from them for any similar future issues that may arise. 2. Respond to Contraction with Expansion - You will only get smaller by your actions not because of the economy. Now is the time to expand. Expand proportionate to the amount your industry has contracted. 3. Give It All You’ve Got - The amount of effort now required is and will continue to be far greater in order to get things done, so you must train, take more action, and be more persistent in everything you do! No matter what type of business you’re in, now is the moment to expand and take the market share by forging your own path, away from what’s “reasonable” or “popular.” Don’t be like your competitors who are probably weak, unprepared, and unwilling to take the necessary steps to win over the customers. Don’t contract. EXPAND! Remember, serious contractions are equalizers and only attitude, approach, and action will stabilize your career.

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