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The Biggest Sale of My Life

February 14, 2011 2 Comments

The moment I saw her, I knew she was the one for me. Call it love at first sight, call it whatever you want, I just knew, she was the one. Unfortunately for me, she didn't have that same reaction during our first encounter… or the second… or the third… or even after 13 months of follow–up… with not even a return phone call. But I didn't give up because I knew so strongly that this was it for me and for her. However, without my sales skills, it would've never happened at all. Like a resistant customer, she thought she wanted nothing to do with me at first. It took persistence, working my powerbase, separating complaints from objections, and finally my ability to give–give–give in order to get to that first date, where I had the opportunity to show her what I had to offer.. Those are skills you need to close a deal even in getting the relationship you want. For me, this was the biggest sale of my life, bigger than any commission or paycheck. Getting the relationship was more important than what money could offer. I can't include all the details in one blog, but if you want the full play–by–play then feel free to check out " Sell to Survive." Before I go, let me leave you with this one piece of advice. Love is not a feeling, love is a decision you make and continue to make in order to create an experience that is described as love. Love is an action that if you don't use, you'll lose. Love is like any communication. If you never send it out, you won't get a return. Love is something you do, not something you feel, so go out and make love happen. Happy Valentine's Day. Grant Cardone, International Sales Expert and NY Times Best Selling Author

2 Responses

Dee Barber
Dee Barber

November 01, 2016

Lovely story, especially for Valentine’s Day. Best wishes to you both!

bob Petersen
bob Petersen

November 01, 2016

Nice piece. She must score a ten on all ten categories for you to invest yourself to this level! I recall sitting in Bo’s indoor sweat lodge, spiritually illuminated by the red glow of the electric heater, and you using your female score card in an effort to avoid a committed relationship.

Great to hear that you’re doing well and your daughter is adorable. She must get her looks from her mother. I’ve got three grand kids and one on the way and they all teach me about the joy of living.

God bless you and your family.
Regards, Bob

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