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Staying Focused

February 11, 2011 1 Comment

This week I did a radio interview with one of the largest mortgage groups in the country. I want to share some quick thoughts about it with you. Their challenge is calling on independent investors and entrepreneurs to arrange business loans and real estate financing for commercial properties. Like all businesses, there is tremendous competition when it comes to lending. The cost of the group working on acquiring capital is $12,000-$15,000 (and that’s without any assurances or promises to actually acquire the capital). They do hard money lending as well, and their challenge is keeping their people focused on staying in the market place. These are the major points I made to their group about staying focused: 1) Success must be approached as your duty not as a choice. 2) Quit calling yourself anything but a sales person. 3) Money follows attention so get attention in every way possible. 4) Quit competing and start dominating the environment with communication in every form possible. 5) The $15k to get the loan is not an objection, it’s a complaint and should be handled as a complaint. There is no shortage of money on planet earth, only a shortage of people going after it! I always stress these principles because they’re the same no matter if it’s the largest mortgage group in world or a sales person at a dealership. They will help you find success in what you do. That’s ultimately what you should strive for. Sell. Dominate. SUCCEED. Have a great weekend everyone!

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November 01, 2016

Been listening to Grant for years and reading this right here has made me more interested what I do than I have ever been. Your Right Grant! Money follows attention so I’m going to get all the attention I can get every moment I can get it!

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