Reach Up

July 15, 2011

The people with whom you surround yourself with will have a great deal to do with whether you achieve your goals – or not. Don’t go horizontal in your reach and don't reach below you. Reach up in all of your endeavors, relationships, customers, and connections. By associating yourself with biggerthinkers, bigger dreamers, bigger clients, better-connected organizations, and bigger players than yourself, you will improve your life and your business. A 3rd Degree Black belt doesn't learn new skills from white belts. They can be reminded of the basics, but a white belt can’t take the black belt to a red belt. You have to interact with people who are better than you to better yourself. Make a habit of “reaching up” in all of your relationships – towards people who are better connected, better educated, and even more successful. These individuals have much more to share than your supposed “equals.” Here is a clue if you are reaching up: If they’re hard to get to, you’re probably reaching up. Reach UP – never sideways- and never down! Treat all actions and efforts as an investment of your time and energy to move you towards your ethical commitment to create success for yourself, your family, and your business. After all, Success is your Duty.

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