INVESTING: The Fuel for Your Career

May 09, 2012

16. GREAT salespeople invest in their education, development and personal motivation.

A career in sales is like a car. The education that you first receive is the car itself; it's what you base your knowledge on, it's how you get around, it's how you hit the road running. Your development is when you modify the car or make repairs; whether it's a new stereo for an optimum sound system, a better set of spark plugs, or replacing the fuel pump. These things all have to be done occasionally so that the car—your sales career—is running at its best. Career-wise, gas is motivation. Use your education as leverage, continue to develop necessary skills, and motivate yourself consistently (maybe more often than you fill your gas tank!) Understand that outcome isn't always immediate—that's why it's called "an investment!"

17. GREAT salespeople invest in their careers, their businesses and their customers.

Just as you invest in your education, development, and personal motivation, investing in your career, business and customers is incredibly valuable. Your career is more than just your day job; it's more than work that pays the bills. Commit and be willing to invest in something that occupies so much of your life. Once you do so, you'll experience huge growth in your company, your business, the community around you, and yourself as a person. When you invest in your career, you have to make the outcome of the business your priority. If you're the top sales guy, but the company goes under, you're just as unemployed as the rest of them. Think in terms of working for the greater good, for the benefit of the people around you. Big mindset and big goals, means greater outcomes! Growth is unstoppable.

18. GREAT salespeople hold themselves to performance standards that are higher than even their management teams do.

Management is taught averages. They will look at data and figure out what the average person should be selling in the average month and set that as the standard. But when you have goals and dreams of being GREAT, then it is your duty to hold yourself up to a higher level than "average." Think about it, these are not the traits of the average sales person, these are the traits of a Great salesperson. I want you to take whatever your managements' goals are for you and add five more, ten more, a hundred more. Don't worry about how you're going to do it now, just commit to achieving greater levels and you'll find a way.

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