How to Create a Successful Sales Training Program?

December 30, 2010 1 Comment

1. Motivation: First thing your training program must do is to motivate and inspire those being trained. Many instructors focus too much on content, information and education and forget that if a sales force is not motivated the material covered will not be implemented.

2. Management: Also when building your sales training curriculum make sure that the content is focused on management and top performers of your organization not the bottom 20%. This is a common mistake by organizations always focused on training new people and ignoring the producers. Having the lowest, least respected, sales producers talk positively about your training program will not influence the ongoing use of the training. However when the start talking about how your sales training is impacting their results positively then you will have the utilization of the sales training program that you want. 3. To The Point: Keep the sessions short (3-5 minutes), too the point and use as much visual recorded material as possible. People love video much more than reading or audio. Your video segments should handle real life scenarios, providing sales people with solutions about how to increase production. Lets face it sales people want results not information. Solve their problems, show them new things to say and do and you will have their attention! By using video your training session can be repeated later in the day when the sales person or sales manager needs to refer to the content. We created a Video on Demand program that provides over 300 2-5 minute training segments on every possible selling situation and added to that another 300- 15 second segments to solve problems during the day. See for examples. 4. Consistency: The sales training and sales motivation must be done daily for it to be successful. Nothing works doing it twice a week – nothing. We have proven this out with organizations demonstrating that once we get to one sales meeting each day, then two short interactive training segments throughout the day and support your staff with video on demand to solve problems and you will see an increase in sales production. Look at the results of an organization that experienced a 24% increase in sales after JUST 30 DAYS of daily sales meetings, two sales training session with testing, and sales solutions provided on demand. (see below). 5. Tracking: Lastly the entire training program should be fully accountable tracking every time a person trains, what they trained on and whether or not they duplicated the information.

Remember when building a sales training program you aren’t trying to make people smarter you want to make them more confident and more productive! Grant Cardone Sales Expert, NY Times Best Seller Author

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