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Good Questions = Successful Sales

January 31, 2011

Good questions are like jet fuel for successful sales and something I have used for over 25 years to keep me on the right track. Ask good questions of yourself and you will immediately improve the quality of the actions you are taking. Ask bad questions and you can destroy your chances. The questions you ask of yourself allow your mind to create solutions for you and put you in the right direction. Most people ask poor questions of themselves like: “What is wrong with me?” or “Why am I not doing well?” Ask bad question and you will find yourself getting further from what you want. It’s important to focus your mind on the solutions and what you can do, rather than having you focus on what’s wrong. Give your mind a calculation it can figure out, and it will come up with solutions for you immediately. Examples of Good Questions for Successful Sales: 1. What can I do today to improve my success? 2. Who can I meet today that needs or wants my products? 3. What can I do to most impress my clients? 4. What can I do to improve my value to my clients? Each of these questions is focused on the future, a solution, and completely disregards the past. Each question focuses your mind on the solution and puts you into action rather than having an endless mental board meeting with yourself that will only cause you to think less of yourself and do nothing. Most people spend time beating themselves up for past failures and then start to take less and less action. Once you come up with answers, BE PRODUCTIVE. Good questions will ignite you into action and immediately get you successful results. Good questions equal successful sales.

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