Focus on Product, Not Price

by 553 April 16, 2012

Unspoken objections are what stop sales. It isn't the obvious: price, payments, terms or budgets. 90% of making a sale is getting the product right NOT getting the price right! This requires you to know what it is that the buyer truly values from a point of passion (love) and logic (solving a problem).
First step in getting the sale:
Obtain confidence from the buyer. Let them know your company or product is exactly what he or she is looking for. Build value in your product if there is a price difference between yours and a competitor's (and most likely, there would be).
People buy because they: 1) Love the product 2) Need the product to solve a problem 3) Have confidence that this product will meet their needs 4) Trust the representative—an established seller and buyer relationship. Do not allow anyone to convince you that your price is the reason you are not selling. Anyone can sell cheaply, but only a TRUE Master knows how to build value in their product and company!

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