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Criticism is a Sign

April 28, 2011

It’s natural to want to avoid criticism because it’s usually attached to something negative. However, the more criticism you get, the more attention you are receiving, because people can’t criticize something without knowing about it first. Don’t focus on what they’re saying. Focus on the fact that you’ve created such a success that people can’t stop talking about it. From what I can tell, criticism precedes admiration, and like it or not – goes hand-in-hand with success. Most people criticize because it’s easier to do that than to take the 10X action needed to achieve massive amounts of success. 10X your life, keep pouring on the success, and sooner or later, the same people who were putting you down will be admiring you for what you’ve done. Remember, receiving criticism is a surefire sign that you’re well on your way to success. Don’t avoid it. Embrace it!

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