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Communication is the Key to Closing Sales

August 01, 2012

The reason that so many sales pitches fail is because people think that a sales presentation is one sided. This is absolutely false. In order to make a sales pitch or presentation there has to be two-way communication.

Have you ever made a presentation where you were selling all your points wonderfully but then got to the end and only had blank faces stare back at you? When you ask them if they have any questions, they start at the beginning and work their way throughout the whole presentation you just gave. By the time you get done answering all their questions, you're exhausted and they're overwhelmed. You both walk away from the deal without a sale. The reason this happened is because you made a one-sided pitch. You need to think more about opening a sales communication cycle and the great thing is that it's easier than it sounds. All you have to do is ask quality questions throughout your communication cycle. First, you need to fully understand why they are coming to see you and your product. Find out the reasons behind their visit, what other circumstances in their life would benefit by having your product. Then throughout the presentation, check in with them. Ask them if they agree or disagree with your products features being able to help them. Ask them if they understand. Better yet, after you make a few points, ask them how they think your product will help their company. This makes them shift their mindset from a prospective buyer to taking mental ownership. For example, when I'm talking to someone about my Cardone On-Demand Sales Training program, I constantly ask them about the people that are going to be using it. If an owner tells me that he has a new guy named Steve, I use Steve as an example of how he'll use my sales training. Then I'll ask the owner if he understands how Steve will use it, or if he thinks of another way Steve can use the training. Anytime I am in a sales cycle, the first thing I look for is how to establish a two-way communication. I want to be able to present the features, advantages, and benefits of my program, but in order to best do that, I have to be in communication with a buyer.

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