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January 09, 2014 3 Comments

Are you getting enough reward for your effort? Are you going for the close and seeing it happen?

The close is the critical exchange point in the transaction when the salesperson and prospect each get something that they perceive as valuable. Your customer takes possession of a product or service that is going to solve some problem for him and you get your financial reward. Some of you wrote in asking for more closing tips in my strategy of the week, so here are three closes for you to try.

I have dedicated an entire seminar to help great salespeople become great closers.

My book The Closer's Survival Guide and online training tools, Cardone University and Cardone On-Demand take a deeper dive into over 100 different closes and offer the theory behind each one so you can master the close fully. The close is so important to success that I have dedicated an entire seminar to help great salespeople become great closers. The next one is in Central Florida on January 21st, and you definitely don't want to miss it if you're in the area. Meanwhile, here are three closes you can learn, drill and drill some more until you are comfortable using them and they just roll off your tongue.

1. The Either Way Close:

“Either way, you’re going to make a decision on whether to stay with what you have currently, or reward yourself with this product today.”
First you must understand and get your prospect to understand that they are already paying. There’s a cost associated with needing something. If they are paying either way, they may as well get the product or service that they need right? All decisions cost something. This close helps you to help your prospect make the right decision. [separator][/separator]

2. The Delivery Close:

“When would you like to have your new ______ delivered? Or, when would you like to start your ______ service? Sign here and here and we will schedule it at a convenient time for you.”
This close assumes ownership and switches attention from to “when” from “whether.” You want your prospect to assume ownership too. Make it so in their mind they already own it and are just settling the details of payment and delivery. Remember, assume the close will happen and it will. [separator][/separator]

3. The Check Close:

“Will there be any additions, alterations or changes to address before we come to an agreement?”
This close also assumes ownership and puts attention on the product or service as opposed to the proposal itself. It also indicates that you are on the right product. It’s a killer close because it avoids rejection, and creates your opportunity to close. Give these closes a try and then let me know how you do. Daily training and drilling will help you move from close to close smoothly and understand the mechanics associated with sales transactions from greeting to close. Be great! Nothing else pays.

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Ian Adams
Ian Adams

November 01, 2016

This is perfect. I was searching for specific language on how to close. Most out there is total garbage. These are sharp and practical. Much appreciated!



November 01, 2016



John R Burke II
John R Burke II

November 01, 2016

You can also download @grantCardone ’s CLOSE THE SALE mobile app which has these plus many other closes. It is beyond valuable and took my closing to another level the past year. (Up $150k from last year)

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