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Close Sales Better Than Your Competitors

July 18, 2012

Today's customer is obsessed about shopping around. They want the best deal and they want it now. They want to know if they can get your product cheaper on the internet, down the street, or even from a different sales person at your company.

So if that customer is willing to do the research to fully understand your product and all of your competitors products then why do you think that you can get away without knowing. I went to a very high end retailer the other day and when I asked about their competitors products, they said they didn't know what their competitors offered. What do you think I immediately did after leaving that place? I went to their competitors store to shop. I'm always up to date on my competitors and so are the people in my office who are selling my training materials. We frequently get asked about how our products compare. The reason we know our competitors products just as well as ours is because I want to be able to show how I am better by using direct comparisons. Would you rather have a customer leave your store without making a purchase to go shop around or would you rather have done the shopping around for them? That's exactly what you need to do for a customer. You need to show them that you know every aspect of your product as well as all your competitors. Then you can sell them on how yours is the best. With the internet at our fingertips, customers have gotten spoiled into thinking that they can always get a better deal somewhere else. You need to be able to not only help them feel as if they've already shopped around, but that you are indeed the best deal!

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