Can a Business be Changed in 1 Week?

March 09, 2011

I was recently asked this question after spending 5 days with a client. And the answer was, “Absolutely.” I know I can improve any organization in not five days but the first day by just getting attitudes right and simplifying their processes. Lets keep it simple:
  1. First identify what is actually happening. We do this by mystery shopping the business.
  2. Know that revenue solves most all problems.
  3. Client development is the way to create revenue.
  4. Give your clients what they want, treat them like millionaires.
  5. Make sure you give every buyer a proposal to do business today.
  6. Stay sold on your offer so that you keep asking until they finally buy.
  7. If they don’t buy, find out why they didn’t buy and fix it!
The right attitudes and simplified, customer-focused processes can change people and companies immediately. I just proved this at a company where we put in a customized 5-step sales process, changed how they demonstrated their product, and increased their pricing. Within the first week, we put in a sales process and “new members” tour that immediately resulted in the entire staff being able to sign up new members. Anything is possible. If you’re interested in finding out how our “mystery shop” evaluation and sales solution program can increase your success, definitely give us a call at 1-800-368-5771 or visit us at Cardone University.

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