Be a Maniac at Your Life and Career

January 24, 2013

Be a maniac. That's right. They are not going to teach you this in school. You probably didn't learn it at home.

They probably actually told you, "Hey, bring it down a couple notches!" Be a maniac about your life and your career. There is nothing wrong with maniacs. Be a maniac and let it be survival - good. Survival means I am going to survive, I am going to do good things. Things that are bad don't survive. Be a maniac at life and career. What's wrong with that? Nobody wants to be a maniac. Why? Because everybody is taught don't be a maniac. Maniac - bad person, crazy person, going to kill people, whack people off. These people are nuts! They're maniacs! But I am telling you to be a maniac. Take your business; become a maniac. Take your life; become a maniac. Go on vacation; be a maniac and just make sure you are doing it with honesty, integrity, good things that are ethical, that are survival, that are good for everybody, not bad. I am not talking about shooting tequila all night long like a maniac. I am talking about doing things that enhance your life, and go about it like a maniac, or a fanatic, or a crazy person would. Be a maniac about your life and your career. What I want you to do is make a list of ways in which you could be a maniac at home, and then in the workplace.

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