Believe in Order to Achieve

It’s the last month of the year! Make it count and get sold on ending the year strong.

In order to help you have your strongest year end ever, I am giving you a 4 part series of weekly strategies to help build momentum towards a successful end to 2013 and a prosperous start to 2014. Are you ready to go all in these last 4 weeks? Here’s Week 1’s strategy…

Get sold on making and exceeding your own year end targets. You must sell yourself on achieving your own goals, otherwise, why even set them?

In my book, Sell or Be Sold I talk about how salespeople drive economies. These are the last weeks of the last quarter of the year. You have a hand in driving not only “the economy” but in maximizing your economy. How do you want to end 2013?

Now is the time to get sold on what hasn’t been done before. You have nothing to lose. Get your battle plan together. This is the perfect time to connect with all of your customers from the past year to personally wish them a happy holiday. Maybe their friend, or family member is in the market for the exact thing you offer. Use this time wisely, reconnect, and end the year at the top of their minds.

Be aware and look for opportunities to sell. This is the season for socializing. When you meet people, tell them what you do and the problems you’re prepared to solve. Tell them your goal of ending the year strong. You never know, they may become your next big deal.

Some important things to keep in mind as we start building momentum to carry us into a new year are…

  1. The holidays are not an excuse to slack off. It’s the time to rev up!
  2. There are plenty of opportunities out there. Find them!
  3. Don’t forget about the second sale. It’s easier than the first and establishes trust and loyalty between you and your customer. Go for it!
  4. While everyone else is distracted, remain focused.
  5. Get obsessed about ending the year strong.

Right now think about the next few weeks, what you have going on and all the opportunities that exist. Get serious about you want to accomplish in this timeframe and then sell yourself on committing to making it happen.

Be great!

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  • Patrick Piket

    Great stuff Grant! Wise words from a wise man!!!

  • Jeanette Vockerodt

    O YES!!!

  • Jose Uriarte

    “Get sold on what hasn’t been done before” Great word Grant! This is my first comment on any of your articles because it’s only been a week since I’ve been following you. I’m going 10X all the way!!! I want to X out the IM and make everything possible!

  • Gabe Kosztrub

    Thanks Grant, I’m gonna go for it… I’ll make 50 phone calls and 2 pop-in visits per day this month.

  • Ian Adams

    Everyone claims they are so busy around the holiday, when it actually affords some downtime to get even more done!


  • Grant Cardone

    Man, you need to blow your pipeline up! Have you seen our unbelievable prospecting program inside Cardone On-Demand? Call our office and we’ll hook you up! (310) 777-0255

  • Grant Cardone

    That’s awesome Danielle! Thank you!

  • Grant Cardone


  • John

    Now is the time to get serious about the goals you have set for yourself. How close did you come this year to exceeding them? Did you just settle for what was available?
    Sell or be sold, realize its up to you to make the difference in your life. It’s your choice, which one are you gonna make? Are you going to sit back and wait for results that pass you bye. I doubt it will help if ya do, so get out there and make everyday count, stay focused, like Grant says “My Success is MY Duty, My Obligation and My Responsibility.”

  • Nicholas Cardin

    This is the time of year when buyers have been programmed by the media to spend! spend! spend! let’s all take advantage of the free advertising and look for every opportunity to close sales!

  • Ryanlockwood

    Thanks Grant!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Jantzen

    Don’t take opportunities….make them.

  • Jeremy Jantzen

    Buy that person you sold a property to for a holiday lunch! If you’re not first you are last! Out of sight, out of mind. Love you Grant!

  • TribalStyleMarketing

    “4. While everyone else is distracted, remain focused.”

    I think this one says it all man! Thank you so much Grant, and I love the Young Hustlers Show!

  • @LelandSD

    #10X your effort this Holiday Season! Good stuff @GrantCardone!

  • Patricia Nemeth

    Great advice. Thank you!

  • Fern Turpin

    Need to ask… You say “Opportunities are out there. Find Them…” Can you give some suggestions? We have had almost no traffic in over a week.

  • Danielle Murrell

    I read everything you put out as soon as it comes out! You are exactly what the Young Hustlers need! THANK YOU!!!

  • Fue

    Great point to rev up

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