Being Average is Dangerous

People who take normal levels of action are probably the most prevalent in our society. This is the group that spends their lives taking enough action to appear average and create normal lives, marriages, and careers; however, they never do quite enough to create real success.
Average by definition, assumes “less than extraordinary.” Taking normal action is the most dangerous of the levels, because it is the most accepted by society. This level of action is authorized by the masses, and therefore people who don’t take normal actions don’t draw the necessary attention required to catapult them to success.

There are four degrees of action, as I cover fully in my book, The 10X Rule; and you are operating at one of these levels, whether you realize it or not.

  1. Do Nothing
  2. Retreat
  3. Normal level of Action
  4. Massive Action

Be honest with yourself: Do you have more energy and creativity available than you’re using? Are you living up to your potential? Or are you just getting by as an average student, average marriage, average kids, average finances, average business, average products, average body type?

Who really desires “average”?
Go for greatness. You know it’s in you.

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