Be Willing to Fail Knowing Failure is Impossible

Be willing to fail. You’ve got to be willing to fail knowing failure is actually impossible.
Check it out; the only way you can actually fail is if you give up, if you quit. If you would just re-work the way you think about failure you will realize this. You’re thinking, “Hey can I fail?” No you can’t.

The only way you can fail is if you quit. If you just line it up like this: I am going to be willing to fail with every client, every customer, every contact, the mentor, the mastermind group, the invention, the idea, the concept.

I am going to be willing to fail knowing, it’s not even possible. Failure is actually impossible because you’re in the game. And if you’re in the game pushing, striving, and really trying to make things happen, if you’re dreaming big and going for the big play; failure is impossible.

Be willing to fail knowing that failure is actually impossible. I want you to write down things you could do and how if you do those things and then follow up on them, how failing is actually impossible. And you’re like, “Grant, I would fail.” No but you did it see? You did it and it is impossible now to fail. Just follow it up again.

So I want you to write down a list of things you could do and how you would know that failure is actually impossible if you just keep pushing.


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