Be the MOST Ethical Person You Know

This is an area of confusion for many people – especially when they see supposedly successful individuals going to jail.

Well, it doesn’t matter how much success you amass, going to jail is an immediate disqualifier. I know people who would never tell a lie or steal a penny who I don’t consider ethical because they don’t bother to fulfill their commitments as providers of security and role models for their families and friends. If you don’t go to work everyday and do everything within your power to succeed then you are stealing from your family, future, and the company for which you work. To me, being ethical doesn’t mean just playing by society’s agreed-upon rules. I also believe that being ethical requires people to do what they have told others they would do – and doing so until they get the desired results.

In my mind, ethical people achieve the results they desire and create so much success for themselves, their family, and their company that they can survive any storm and withstand any difficulty.

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