Be So Big in Your Space Everyone is Talking About You

Be big. Be a giant in your space. BE THE WHOPPER!
You know what I am talking about? Bring it baby. Bring it! Big is better. Trust me. All these people that say size don’t matter, oh you want to be big. You know why? Because it’s a noisy world out there and you’ve got to get big in the space that you’re in so that everybody is like, “Oh my god man,”

You know what I am talking about? I am not talking about size here. I am not talking about physical. I am talking about BIG. Be a giant. You are a giant; you’re way bigger – way bigger.

C’mon admit it. When you were a little kid you ever think about your size your physical size until somebody said, “Oh, he’s little.” No. You thought you were a giant already. You could do things that were incredible, right?

Be so big in your space. Be big in the way you think. Be big in the actions you take. Be big when you walk into that big convention hall. Be big when you walk on that stage. Just decide I am going to be BIG.


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