Be All In, All the Time

Overcommitting is often viewed as a negative, but it’s actually a GREAT thing. You can hustle, dominate your time and 10X your life by going all in and overcommitting. By overcommitting I mean jumping on an opportunity before learning the details–committing to it and figuring it out later. I know this contradicts much of what you have been told your whole life, but taking massive action often involves overcommitting yourself and then strategizing to handle the unexpected. In the end you will figure it out and accomplish what you signed-up for. Overcommitting is something that has helped me become successful as an owner of five businesses. Once I started committing first and figuring it out later I was able to increase my production across the board. I may have even been over my head at times, but I committed to the mindset of doing whatever it takes. Eventually, I got used to it and it became a common practice. When it comes to all vital things in your life such as money, motivation, creativity, health, energy, ideas and love, you should go all in as many times as you can, because even if you fail, you can keep going all in again and again! Most of society discourages the all in mentality because we are taught to play it safe and protect ourselves from losses and the unknown. There is also a myth about this cautious mindset which states that your energy, creativity, and efforts are material and have limited quantities that cannot be replenished. I can assure you that the ultra-successful are willing to make big plays and do not adhere to such limits. People often spend too much time trying to figure it out. This is what I refer to as paralysis of analysis and it is usually a complete waste of time devoted to overly examining any and every detail and unexpected outcomes, which often can’t be prepared for in advance. I know I am going to figure it all out and will do whatever it takes. Since I have committed to a mindset of all in all the time, I don’t get ready—I stay ready. Recently, I overcommitted myself by dropping the prices in my online store up to 99%. This ridiculous and drastic price drop was done because I want my business tools to be available to everyone around the globe, regardless of their financial situation. My customers obviously understood this sale was too good to pass-up, so as a result my team and I faced a challenge of fulfilling everything as instantaneously as I prefer to do things. In reality it wasn’t really delayed, but my personal preference is to get my customers their products as quickly as possibly. Yes, we were overwhelmed at one point, but I assured my team that new problems are great problems and a sign of achievement. They indicate you are reaching new heights because with more success comes a new series of challenges. From this we have implemented and updated a few systems and are stronger than ever. These three steps are what you need to know:

  1. Commit to every opportunity
  2. Show up
  3. Figure it out

Soon you will see the difference between being someone who quits and someone who commits and notice that the majority of people who complain about things are often the ones who never show up themselves. If you want to take advantage of my holiday blowout and check out the rock bottom deals flying off the shelves, go to This is only while supplies last and with these prices we are selling-out of things every day. Also, for a very limited time I am offering access to Cardone University, the number one sales training platform in the world for a major price break–from $13,200 to just $995 for individuals. Grab it and take your 2015 tax deduction allowed by IRS, go to: Be great, GC

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