Be a Know-It-All

“He who knows what he’s doing and every nuance of his career doesn’t have to get enthusiastic, because he KNOWS.”
When I was twenty-five years of age, I made the commitment to KNOW everything there was to know about the game of selling. Everyday I read and listened to everything I could absorb regarding selling, persuasion, negotiating and closing because when you know something inside and out, you no longer have to think about what to do, you just do it.

When you KNOW:
1. You can predict outcomes successfully.
2. You will acquire true confidence.
3. Others will agree with you because they see you are knowledgeable.

The only shortage on this planet are people who fully understand how to sell others on their dreams. No dream can become reality without someone selling it to others!
In the case of selling: be a know it all! It will benefit you tremendously.

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