Be a Closer!

Have you ever met someone so good at selling, demonstrating the product, building and talking about your company, but was terrible at closing the deal?
Maybe I am describing someone you work with or maybe that sounds like you.  Well, I understand because early in my selling career, I was good at the selling part and terrible at shutting down the deal.  There were times when I had everything going my way, I was confident my product was superior to everything else in the market, yet I didn’t even ask the client to buy the product.

Then one day, I was told: “Grant there is a big difference between selling the product and closing the deal.  If you want to get good at both, you have to separate them as tasks.”


Two things to consider about the close:

1. No Close means no Commission.
Look, if you don’t close you don’t get paid.  Selling the product is where the value proposition is made, closing the deal is where the agreement is made.  These are two completely different arts.  The close is such a talent it must be practiced as a different skill from selling.

2. No Close means no Exchange.
You must understand that when you don’t attempt to close you aren’t attempting to actually get your offer, service or product into the hands of your customer. Until you close, can you offer any real value. When I started to understand these two points and followed up with a commitment to become a master at closing, the transaction was when I became a well paid professional in sales.

The closing step of the sale is the one that determines your income. It’s the one step that is the most feared, most revered, most uncomfortable and most misunderstood, but with the right information and the selling mentality, you’ll no longer fear it.

Always Be A Closer!

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