Avoid THIS Vaccine at All Costs

Who loves a good old-fashioned vaccine?

Whether you are an “anti-vaxxer” or Bill gates (or maybe somewhere between), we all know what’s coming down the pipeline, right? Listen, Avoid This Vaccine At All Costs.

You, a big fat needle, and a VACCINE for Covid-19 have a rendezvous with destiny. Avoid this vaccine at all costs!

Unless, of course, people stand up against it—which could happen.

Regardless of how this plays out, I believe you do need a vaccine, but NOT the kind you’re thinking about.

Yes, avoid this vaccine, but you NEED a financial vaccine.

Something that will protect you from the coming recession…an economic BOOSTER so to speak.

Dr. Fauci will not give you this vaccine‚he’s likely already got his money being connected with Big Pharma.

Bill Gates will not give you this vaccine, even though I’m sure he’d love to stick a needle in you of any experimental potion he can get his hands on.

No, this vaccine involves no needle.

It might be a little painful at first (not likely) but the long-term benefits I’ve seen played out over tens of thousands of people over the past decade.

It’s called Cardone University and it’s free right now—my goal with this is to “vaccinate” you from the middle class.

The middle class is a DISEASE.

Do you know what the middle class really is?

You’ve heard the term probably thousands of times.


Depending on the size of your household, you could be making anywhere between $40,000 to $115,000 in many areas and be considered right in the middle of the middle class. Different websites will tell you different numbers for what can be defined as the “middle class”, but let’s keep things simple. It’s not rocket science.

If you make more than whom you consider poor yet you’re far behind those you consider rich, then you are self-described middle class.


Those that have a house are widely considered middle class—ideally with a white picket fence. You are able to take one vacation a year (staying at the Holiday Inn — not the Ritz) and have a car, health insurance, and just enough left over for groceries.

In short, you have just enough to be “comfortable”.

This may even include providing a college education for the kids and a 401K!

Let’s continue to keep this easy — if you don’t live in the ghetto, yet your house sits far from the gates of Beverly Hills, then you likely are middle class.


Not concentrating on what you make, or what you have, the middle class can really be defined as the idea that you only need enough to be “comfortable” or “adequately satisfied”.

It’s a state of mind that convinces you to settle instead of strive for abundance.

If you have any thought that getting rich is unnecessary, that you just want to be happy, that money won’t make you happy—then you have a middle-class mindset.

Whether you want to define the middle class by income, lifestyle, or mindset—or all 3—my daughter Sabrina once came to me with a better definition.

It is easy to remember and captures both income, lifestyle, and mindset together.

Sabrina: “Dad, what does the middle class mean?”

Me: “It means right in the middle of things. There are people over here that are poor, other people over here that are rich, and then people who are in the middle.”

Sabrina: “Rich people that are poor?”

Me: “Yes, exactly right!”


If you fall into this, I have the VAX that you need (far better for you than anything the CDC or WHO wants to force on you)…Get Financially Vaccinated on Cardone U

Let’s face it, the middle-class formula just does NOT work in the 21st century.

—Getting a stupid $1,200 handout from the government for staying home for 2 months just doesn’t cut it, does it?

—Not being able to operate a business unless a mayor or some bureaucrat decides it’s “SAFE” for you to enter a building just doesn’t cut it anymore, does it?

—Being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it (with a mask in an uncrowded park!) just doesn’t work for you , does it?

I you are in financial trouble, it’s because the authorities are OK with that and want you in bondage. I want to help you. I want to give you economic health.

There is no world-wide organization that teaches you how to get rich—in fact just the opposite, schools neglect to teach even the basics of sales and business, much less advanced negotiation tactics.

Get an education that actually works in the real world HERE, free

Ready for your vaccine?


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