How to Be an Extrovert

If you’re younger than 40, you may not know or remember Johnny Carson. From 1962 to [...]


Be Your Version of James Bond

When I was young, I watched James Bond. I thought to myself, that’s the guy I want to be. [...]


Proof You Need to Change

Do you want proof you need to change in life? Well, I want to prove it to you. First—a [...]


Charles Atlas Knew How to Sell

There are only a few people who go down as some of history’s greatest salespeople. [...]


Quick Tips to Continually Get More and More Out of Life

Every time you see others achieving greatness, do you ever wonder, Why am I not [...]


You’re Not Perfect Just the Way You Are

Your Mom Is Wrong You know how your mom might tell you, “I love you just the [...]


3 Tips to Keep Pushing for More in 2019

“Grant, you’re wearing me out.” I hear that often. Many people think they can’t keep up [...]


Jumpstart Your New Year

How pumped are you to make 2019 the greatest year of your life? Personally, I’m [...]


Hungry People Push for More

Have you ever seen someone really hungry? If you put a pizza in front of a starving [...]


Lost Purpose? Here’s How to Get Back on Track

If you’ve never had a goal so big and juicy that you were unable to sleep at times [...]

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