How to Make Your Dream a Reality

Your Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take Your Idea and Bring it to the World Walt [...]


Your Success Matrix

Dwight Eisenhower, former president of the United States, once famously said, “What is [...]


Make Your Ideal Life Happen Now—Here’s How

I want to help you make your IDEAL life happen. I’m talking [...]


What’s Your 20% ?

The 80/20 Rule has been talked about by a number of people—I don’t know who first came up [...]


Become the Energizer Bunny

If there is one iconic brand mascot, it’s the Energizer Bunny. It’s a pink, mechanical [...]


61 is the New 51

I just turned 61 years old. Here’s what America looked like back in 1958 when I was born: [...]


Build Your Wall

There’s a lot of talk about building walls lately. But the truth is, walls are everywhere. [...]


Do You Need Higher Education?

I graduated from high school over 40 years ago in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I [...]


Your Funnel’s Broke? Hit the Phones

There’s a lot of entrepreneurs getting into e-commerce and setting up their “funnels” [...]


How to Raise Money

I’ve raised $125 million in the last 14 months. Why am I telling you that? Because you [...]

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