Ask Those More Successful Than You for Guidance

Ask those that are more successful than you for guidance.

Now this is not the mastermind group I talked about earlier. I am talking about you actually going to get a mentor. A mentor that maybe has had more success.

I am not just talking about a life coach here because you’ve got to be a little careful. There are a lot of life coaches out there that haven’t created any success. I want you to go reach out to someone that is a serious success in a series of entrepreneurial efforts and they got it going on in every area of their life not just one area. You don’t want just one part of life. You want it all right?

We’re reaching for greatness not goodness here. So what you want to do is pick a person or maybe two people that you can go to and say, “Hey I need help, I need guidance, I need direction. I don’t want anything from you except maybe once a month or twice a month if you could just give me a little bit of guidance.”

Now when you ask these people for that, understand their time is precious if they are successful. Their time is precious, they do want to help people, this does inspire them, and they are likely to say, “Yes.” But please don’t go there and tell them, talk to them. Don’t do more talking than you do listening. Ask them for guidance, take it, use it, and execute on it.

Go surround yourself or get at least one person that is more successful than you that you can get guidance from.

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