Are Your Rewards Big Enough to Motivate You?

Have rewards for accomplishments that compliment your potential. I am not talking about rewards here for just doing your job. This is a problem and a mistake for most people. They reward activity that is actually below their potential.

What I want you to do is put some big juicy rewards out there for yourself. Don’t have somebody else give you the reward. What are the rewards for you accomplishing those things that fulfill your potential, your actual ability?

Remember nobody knows your potential. Nobody knows your potential. Certainly the marketplace doesn’t know it. You know it. Set up rewards, substantial rewards. I don’t know what they are for you. I don’t know what gets you excited, maybe it’s time off, maybe it’s money, or maybe it’s a watch.

Have rewards for accomplishments but make sure those accomplishments are congruent and compliment your full potential. Put a carrot out there that will get and keep you motivated.


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